I am very excited by the new images of the 2011 Star Wars sets - they seem a little overpriced, but I think it will be worth it. I am particularly interested in the Clone Trooper Battle Pack (Because of the awesome new clone minifigs), The Battle of Naboo ( Gungans and 10 Droids! Nice speeder too), The Battle for Geonosis (Proton cannon with firing misile! +Luminara Unduli and three Droids) and Mace Windu's starfighter (A new Droid, STAPS, Speeder, Droids, TACTICAL DROID!!) I have also recently built the Seperatist Shuttle, a set which I feel has recieved a lot of negitive comments. It might be slightly overprices, but the great minifigures and good little features means it has a prime position on the LEGO-filled shelves at the moment!

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