All of the sets look fantastic!! 7956: Ewok Attack looks great. The minifigures are good and the little hut looks nice too. 7957: Dathomir Speeder: The speeder is nice but nothing special. I would get this for the Savage Opress Minifigure but I could probable easily get it on its own (I already have anakin and ventriss) 7958: Advent calender: will be getting this defo! 7959: Geonosian fighter: After the lack of a Geonosian in the Battle for Geonosis set just released, the Geonosian figure included is great. Finally they are bringing out Ki Adi Mundi. I have always wanted a Geonosian fighter so I will probably get this set! I don't agree with commander cody being released - w would have preferred a commander Jet minifigure as he accompanied Ki Adi Mundi in The Clone Wars - oh well i'll just customise him instead 7961: Sith Infiltrator: The set looks larger than previous Infiltrators, and the minifigures included make it such a tempting buy, but I already have the 2007 version of this so... :( 7962: Podracers : The podracers look really good, but I don't really want to get it so... 7964: Republic Frigate: LEGO have really tried to make people get this - Quinlan Vos, Eeth Koth and Yoda ALL IN THE SAME SET!!! WOOOOW The clones are great too - it is very similar to the 2007 version just with a different colour scheme, but luckily I didn't get that to I'll get this version instead! 7965: Millenium Falcon: the minifigures are standard for this set - Chewbacca, han solo, leia and luke are more or less garunteed to come out with this. LEGO will definitely make this set pretty expensive as usual. Won't be getting this.

The ones I wasnt to get look great, but whether or not I buy them will depend on the pricing LEGO gives them...

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