Here's an INSANE glitch at Go to the characters. It starts with

Example of the glitch

heroes, but it works with the Serpentine, too. Hit "The Snake Clans" at the top left corner of the character showing, and quickly hit one of the characters at the bottom before the list of bad
WUT (2)

Example of the other way around

guys show up. Then the good guy you clicked appears on the screen in with the bad guy background and list. When I did this, i was like, "WUT." Then I was like, "I gotta put this on Brickipedia!!" So there's the epic glitch. Try it. It's awesome and fun. Show your friends that don't know much about Ninjago this glitch, and say, "(Insert hero name here) is a bad guy!" or "(Insert bad guy name here) is a hero!" It will AMAZE your friends.

--DaMaelstromGuy 22:09, February 6, 2012 (UTC)

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