Is anyone gonna participate in brictober at toysRus? Or is is just a waste of my time. Secondly I got 3 Bionicle books today. They are so cool. Thirdly do you guys think I should start using correct speling here? Thanks for your help, Your sith friend

  • I have also heard that this wiki could be movimg to it's own website. I have decided to move with all the other users.We will still have badges,blogs,talkpages,and everything else.
  1. "The entire point of the discussion is to ensure that the new wiki is not only half decent, but a 100% improvement over this one. Otherwise, why would we be doing this?" (ajr quote)
  2. "We would still have badges, talk pages, blogs, chat and we would be able to have forums as well" (ajr quote)

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