Hello guys, as you probably do not know, I am making a Percy Jackson project for CUUSOO. I have the project set up, the ideas thought up, and now I need some builders. Here is where you guys come in. Below is a set I want made. The information is there, now you need to build it. If you are a Percy Jackson expert and would rather make a different Percy Jackson set, or tweak the existing ideas, please do, your entry will still be counted!


  1. Three entries allowed per person.
  2. If chosen, user will probably asked to allow me to use his set in my CUUSOO project. He will be an official partner and will receive credit in the project as well as money if the project is made.
  3. There will be a real prize. It will be one of my extra minifigures. To clain, you need to be in the 48 ajoining US states.
  4. If you are not in the US, yet you win, you will get an amazing badge to put on your profile.
  5. Contest ends 15 days from now, September 19.
  6. Please have multiple pictures of each entry.
  7. LDD is accepted.
  8. We need at LEAST 3 entrants.

Ideas for entries

1. Zeus' Fist

  • Build of Zues Fist
  • Entrance to the Labyrinth, Daedalus' mark
  • Capture the flag, flag
  • Minifigures - Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, Zoe Nightshade, Kampe
  • Price - Around $40-60

more info

2. The Big House

  • Build of Big House
  • Attic, meeting room, ??? IDEAS?
  • Minifigures - Chiron, Oracle of Delphi, Mr. D.
  • Price - Around $120

more info

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