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Well I actually decided to use the blogs for other reasons than to complain, to make sig-figs, or to say that "duh, duh wiki fing is gunna be ded soon". Instead, here is a weekly series of blogs from Bricki's CUUSOO expert (:D :P). Basically what I am going to do is highlight one CUUSOO project each week as well as tell a bit about it and why I like it. Also, at the end of the article, there will be a poll where you can vote for the next CotW.

First, I would like to highlight a very new project. It is only two days old, but it has 95 supports at the time of writing. Put your hands together for... "Pingu"! Pingu Pingu is a children's TV show about a penguin, Pingu who has lots of fun and adventures with his family as well as his friend Robby.

The reason that this set caught my eye is mostly because of the awesome penguin figures. I know that if I wanted to make something like this, I would need to use a new mold, however Jalex manages to capture the figures without any new molds. And they look good! The stickers are flawless as well. I love Pingu's beak :D However I do think that Pinga looks odd without hands in her arms :/

The set is great, however I hope Jalex decides to include the little snowfort with Robby in the main set. Minecraft getting additional sets was solely based on its selling out multiple on multiple times. So, as I doubt we will be getting additional sets, I want the biggest set I can get.

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