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Yes, I know I'm a few days late on this one, but I've had PSAT testing to prepare for and take. Anyway, I know that the project I am about to feature has not gotten the most votes in the poll, but it was only one vote away, and so many people in the comments asked for this one. Put your hands together for... Ramage, by our own, Czechmate!


Ramage is an original theme about a superhero named Ramage. Here is an excerpt from his page here on the wiki. "Patrik Swarns was a disabled man, with no movement in the legs, until one fateful day, an experiment when wrong in the lab, with the code on the machine reading "Xzas, Ramage", a known production error code in his company, SwarnOps. His first ever villain was one of his assistants, Olivier Howcrofter, who grew envy of him, and made a suit, and became Raven, who often teamed up with his other rogues. This theme concentrates on Ramage Xzas, up against powerful rogues, including Byzogulater, Raven, Dr. Splinter, and many, many more."

(Czech, sorry if I butcher a few if these things) I personally like the builds of the sets. First we have the huge, $100 ice fortress with three minifigs. This set is from from just three walls. The walls have texture, play features ETC. This set would look a lot better rendered as most LDD sets would, but unfortunately I don't know how, however I've heard it takes a long time. Anyway, next is the car chase.

This set is my favorite, I like the idea of the big car, but not so much the actual build. Don't get me wrong, there are some good ascpects of the set, like the lime green side things, but the car is too big in my opinion. I think I'd have the same problem I have with the Cosmic Cube Escape set, the bottom of the car dragging on the carpet.

Hate lab, cool dragon :P

At any rate, even if you don't like the sets but approve of the concept, I ask you to support because remember that LEGO will change it. I'd like Czech to render the images and fill his other picture slot with some minifigs with printing, that always sells it for me. The minifigs are what decide if I buy a set or not.

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What CUUSOO project should I feature next week?

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