Following in the footsteps of Nuff, I will be making figures of the first 14 Brickipedians that ask in the comments!

  • Info
  1. One will be released per day starting 11/17/12.
  2. You must know Dh. I don't want Randomexample183 signing up.
  3. Starting it now because it'll end on the 30th as not to interfere with Nuff's blog.
  4. Nuff gets day 17 because he inspired this :)
  • Nuff in action.
  • Nuff thinking how to make the best minifigure ever.
  • Jeyo
  • Epic Jeyo.
  • LEGO2013Helper Preliminary :P
  • Rockin out!
  • The figure
  • Czech's Preliminary
  • Czech!
  • Czech's figure
  • Don't get stung!
  • Jag's figure
  • That's Admiral to you Private!
  • Neo's figure.
  • Watch out!
  • Power Jim's Figure
  • Will you sign my batarang?!?
  • LSHF's fig
  • The Wizard of Ithriil will find you...
  • Legoboy's figure
  • Prelim
  • Prelim
  • SSX chasing an enemy spy.
  • SSX's figure
  • An epic battle will decide the fate of us all...
  • Knight's figure.
  • Prelim
  • Prelim
  • A killer of all that is good and righteous...
  • MeGa's figure
  • The final battle... Part 2!
  • Legodude's figure
  • You'll never catch me alive!
  • Kingpinn's figure
  • A storm is rising...
  • Jargenietaur (Jedi) faces off against...
  • Storm's figure
  • "Destroy this message"
  • Agent Swipe's figure
  • Charles in action
  • Charles' figure
  • Irnakk running to collect his shot deer
  • Irnakk's figure
  • Crepper S lookimg for diamonds.
  • Creeper S' figure
  • I'm sorry!!
  • King of Nynrah's figure

Figure Information

1. Nuff

  • I didn't have red hair so I used blonde.

2. Jeyo

  • This figure is IMO, my best figure so far.

3. 2013

  • This is so close to his old one because he told me almost exactly how to make it.

4. Czech

  • I can't figure out what's wrong with this one. :/

5. Jag

  • His fig is based on his LOTR fantasy type avatar.

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