Ok so I just thought it would be a great idea to have an American CUUSOO project. Basically it is going to be a couple of 8x8 vignettes, each with a minifigure. I was going to include George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Uncle Sam. I have the whole project written up, as well as a list of people and organizations that I am going to contact (online and real world). So what I need now are some people who would like to help build vignettes and design figures for the project. Remember that if you help, you will be made into a full partner receiving an equal cut of profits and fame. I am going to be making some things myself, and I'll post them here when they are done. Please comment if you want to help.

Gallery of Finished Things

  • none yet

List of Partners and their Contributions

  1. Darth henry - Project owner, public relations, full time advertiser

List of things to be done

  1. Vignette for Washington
  2. Vignette for Lincoln
  3. Vignette for Roosevelt
  4. Vignette for Franklin
  5. Vignette for Einstein
  6. Vignette for Uncle Sam
  7. Minifigure of Washington
  8. Minifigure of Lincoln
  9. Minifigure of Roosevelt
  10. Minifigure of Franklin
  11. Minifigure of Einstein
  12. Minifigure of Uncle Sam

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