It seems that in the upcoming Ninjago wave their will be two new generals (3 if you include white Pythor).

The reasons why i think that there are 2 generals is that

  • The general appears in 3 sets, that is way too many for one wave so there must be two generals
  • The bottom right part of the boxes show two different poses that the generals are in, the first general is facing straight on and the second general is slightly facing the left. I think that this shows that they are two different minifigures. I don't think they would show different poses for the same character in the character box thing.
  • The second general has more printing and is in the biggest set, meaning that he would be the main antagonist snake. The other general appears in 2 other sets and uses a Pythor tail placeholder.
  • The general in the Mobile Base set appears to have black arms while the other general has purple arms. This pretty much proves that they are two different generals.


Now that i look at it, all the generals in the 3 sets look slightly different from one another......maybe we will get three generals?

What do you think - do you agree with me or do you think i am completely false? Please comment Darthleapyous (talk) 11:04, September 20, 2014 (UTC)

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