The Reparo Project Userbox

Hello, this is Dataman1. I made a userbox for The Reparo project, if you have joined, put it on your page. Here is the template:

{{userbox|color1 (you pick)|color2 (you pick)|''R''|This user joined The Reparo Project.|color3 (you pick)}}

Here is the finished product (I'm using light blue as color1, dark blue as color2, and white for color3):

R This user joined The Reparo Project.

Just copy the template to your page and add colors by replacing color1, color2, and color3 color1= picturebox and outline, color2= textbox color, color3= text color.

Please put it on your page and comment!

Bring back Bionicle! 16:44, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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