For those who are viewing this Blog post, I've been thinking about doing a Theory on the LEGO Multiverse ever since The LEGO Movie & LEGO Dimensions combined several Theme's & put them into one big Universe. Now I present to you...

Deadpool7850's LEGO Multiverse theory!

Please note that this is a work in progress so there might be some rough patches that I'll miss. But I'll check them off as soon as I can. Now lets get into my Theory:

Lets start of with The LEGO Movie. Its the first time we see different Theme's being connected in the movie. In the film there are several themes seen in the movie (Some briefly). These include:

And many others.

Now to LEGO Dimensions. Its connected:

Now lets think for a minute that these sets can't be connected. You are wrong my friends. But there are several errors within this so-called Multiverse Theory. Fellow Brickipedia User:BrownieBunny101 commented on the blog. He/She said that Theory could be proven wrong. Why? Well at the start of LEGO Dimensions, when Batman & Gandalf arrive at Cloud Cuckoo Land, Emmet is seen without the Piece of Resistance. So this must take place after the LEGO Movie? But on the second level, you're forced to fight Lord Business. But this is incorrect as Lord Business went good after the LEGO Movie & now he's bad.

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