• Death Star II

    The Maelstrom is no longer just a danger in LEGO Universe! Join today! P.S. We are a neutral army.

    • Death Star II

    Lord Maelstrom is the evil leader of the Maelstrom organization and will stop at nothing to destroy the ADU and their allies.

    • Imperial Commando
    • Fright knights

    Maelstrom Horseman Invaders are the elite of the Maelstrom's forces and are rarely seen in battles, but when they make an appearance, all enemies flee in terror.

    • CC-3636 "Wolffe"
    • Fire Count

    The Dark Ones are the basic unit in the Maelstrom and are one of the original members of it.

    • LegoDragonMasters
    • Scout Trooper 8884
    • CC-6454 Ponds
    • Agent Swipe

    Corrupted Sentries were security robots onboard Venture Explorer ships, but when the ships were captured the Maelstrom turned them to their sideā€¦

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  • Death Star II

    Which do you prefer more? Blacktron Future Generation or Space Police I, II, and III?

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