Let me start by saying I really enjoy what people have been doing with LEGO in city designs recently. I definitely think the rise of modular sets has enlivened an interest in making these scenes in people, it has for me!

What I want to nitpick about are SNOT built roads. While this design looks FAR more realistic than studs on top designs, it looks almost too perfect. With assistance from modular sets, buildings are getting more and more detailed, but the roads are smooth and shiny. In a perfect world, every road would look like that (I've put in a picture of a SNOT road thanks to but here in Oklahoma the roads are not as neat.
Road-end SNOT road

I want to see potholes, construction, cracks, basically imperfections. The thing about detail is that it adds to the simplicity of perfection, that's why we're not just using same-colored same-sized bricks to build things anymore. By being AFOLs, we've acquired the attribute to make us A's, we've grown up, we've seen buildings and roads and life in action.

Initially I thought, "should I share this idea? Should I let the world know my thought, or just build it and shock them all?" Then I instantly said "NO!" This idea must be shared! I highly doubt anyone would recognize me on the street, or even a LEGO convention and say "see him? He's the guy who thought up potholes!" No, this idea must be shared, I mean what type of generous community would we be if we didn't share these ideas?

What I'm saying is, SNOT roads look great, I love them. Now let's mess them up a little.

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