• Devybevy

    It has come to my attention that There is wae between Adu's and alt, so since I have joined the invaders side I have decided to show my gradititude to my commander by creating a back up army called ATWT. I have sent messages to every transformer to come to earth and aid us in the invasion. I also have figured out how to change anyone into an android so if you want Alt. to win then sighn up!

    In order identify you all I have created 4 ranks for you to enroll with.

    • Android ninja

    - If any of you are ninjas then get ready to become an ultimate ninja! if you willingly become a ninja android then you will get a wepon of your choice and a color to identify who you are.

    • Decepticon Juggernaught

    -If you like crushing things and running over stuff then you…

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  • Devybevy

    Favorite lego set

    June 26, 2011 by Devybevy

    Whats your favorite lego set

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  • Devybevy

    Who is your favorite spider man villain? Mine is Lizard whats yours?

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  • Devybevy

    Lego theme ideas

    June 22, 2011 by Devybevy

    Tell me what you think would be a neat new lego theme!

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  • Devybevy

    Its finally here the lego universe leaders have grown greedy and wish to expand there borders by invading other planets. when war raged through the planets sensai wu of lego earth planet declared that in order to stop the madness each planet would send there best fighters to planet x a multy enviomental planet created from the creation cube. each planet sent their fighters and the fighters are

    • Captain Brickbeard
    • King Leo
    • Biff Starling
    • Brick Daddy
    • Kai
    • Snake
    • Agent Chase
    • The Brickster
    • Pepper Roni
    • Frenzy
    • Tahu
    • Vezok (Deisambugation)
    • Furno (Disambiguation)
    • Stormer (Disambiguation)
    • Johnny Thunder
    • Meltdown
    • Samukai
    • Jay

    These fighters must go up against each other then eventually the three champians and if they win, there home wold wins power. The three Champians are …

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