It has come to my attention that There is wae between Adu's and alt, so since I have joined the invaders side I have decided to show my gradititude to my commander by creating a back up army called ATWT. I have sent messages to every transformer to come to earth and aid us in the invasion. I also have figured out how to change anyone into an android so if you want Alt. to win then sighn up!


In order identify you all I have created 4 ranks for you to enroll with.

  • Android ninja

- If any of you are ninjas then get ready to become an ultimate ninja! if you willingly become a ninja android then you will get a wepon of your choice and a color to identify who you are.

  • Decepticon Juggernaught

-If you like crushing things and running over stuff then your a juggernaught! become a juggernaught and have the chance to destroy anything in your path!

  • Android gunsman

-If you love the smell of plasma blasters then you can become a gunsman! this android lets you have 25 blasters and lets you shoot them all at once!

  • decepticon Comander

-If you like bossing people around then become a Comander and tell almost everybody what to do.

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