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  • I live in Latveria
  • My occupation is Evil Mastermind and Latveria's Ambassador.
  • DocDoom2

    Lego has just released Official images of 21110 Research Institute and 21109 Exo-Suit along with piece counts etc. At first, when I saw that the Research Institute was still under consideration, I thought they'd probably say no, but they in-fact said yes, which in my honest opinion made me a little weirded out because it was so small and had very few play functions. Anyway back on topic, here are the pictures of 21110 and 21109!

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  • DocDoom2

    For those who are as excited for the Fire VS Ice Sets, and want to know when they'll be released in North America, look no further, because I've discovered that they'll be advertised for the first week of August! So, we can assume, that we will be seeing the Official release of the sets in NA on August 1st, plus the Premier of the new Season 3: Legend of the Fire Chi on August 9th! Where do you think the future of the theme lies? Will this be the last wave (hopefully not), or will it continue with Dinosaurs and Dragons? Let us know in the comments! -DocDoom2

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