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  • I live in Poland
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Brickipedia editor, Serpentine General (Wish)
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  • Domino1205

    I have the graet news for you Star Wars fans becouse new LEGO Star Wars The Empire Sterikes Out is now on YouTube!! Of cuorse i saw this movie but in bad quality. But it is great and very funny movie!

    I don't told you all history. But i think this minifigure will coming on DVD:

    But i hope it will be Boss Nass.

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  • Domino1205

    Hi NINJAGO Fans! As you can see this is the Mysterious Stone Warrior>.....Dum....Dum...Dum!

    You probably wondering who is it and i know! It's ......LORD GARMADON....!


    • 1. Stone Warrior has four arms (Like Lord Garmadon) but ordinary warrior has only two of them!
    • 2.When i read 2013 rumour list of lego sets one of users who saw new ninjago sets say:

    “Ninjago has one more round with the GOLD NINJA and the GOLDEN DRAGON these plus instead of Garmdon it now Garmatron and he’s huge and has a cool new hat. It sad but very true! Ninjago is going away after the golden ninja line in January no more for now at least.”

    Yes huge this stone warrior is very big! So Garmadon is now GARMATRON! The Powerful Stone Lord!

    What are you think about it?

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  • Domino1205

    New STAR WARS Content 1

    February 11, 2012 by Domino1205

    Alright everybody, new Star Wars Content will be open! If you want to have exclusive Droid Builder trophy you must make the new couple of droids just like R2-D2 and C-3PO from STAR WARS Saga. So happy making!

    • 1. You can use LDD (Lego Digital Designer)
    • 2. You haven't got the limit of the parts.
    • 3. can not use Official Figures, or Customs other people have made on the internet
    • 4. you also need to leave a Offical Picture of the droid

    (only if the Mini-Figure is based on a offical Star Wars Droid)

    • 5. You can submit only 1 Mini-Figure
    • 6. You may Paint your Mini-Figure as well
    • 7. You can use stuff like Paint (Computer Program)but it needs to be really good
    • 8. I will need 2 or more Pictures of your Mini-Figure in Different Veiws
    • 9. Contest ends February 21 …

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  • Domino1205

    Monster Fighters

    February 3, 2012 by Domino1205

    I like new theme of monster fighters. But in this theme a lot of minifigures are going to be replay i mean:

    • 1. Dracula (Studios) (Collectible Minifigures). 3/10
    • 2. Frankenstein Monster (Studios) (Collectible Minifigures). 5/10
    • 3. Ghost (Castle) (Studios) but i dosen`t have this minifigure so i waiting for them. 7/10
    • 4. Mad Scientist (Studios) (Collectible Minifigures). 3/10
    • 5. Mummy very old minifigure and boring, appearance in many series. (Studios) (Pharaoh`s Quest) (Collectible Minifigures)

    Many of minifigures are replay. But some minifigures are new:

    • 1. Swamp Monster very cool minifigure i like his new fish mask, I want to see them without mask. 10/10
    • 2. Dracula`s Bride new interesting minifigure Dracula is boring but now we have a woman. 8/10 …
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  • Domino1205

    Join my contest and you could win this special award!

    To enter, make a set depicting one of your favorite missions from Batman: Arkham City. The best users are awarded this exclusive Deadshot trophy from my new upcoming custom theme LEGO Batman: Arkham City.

    • 1. You must only use Digital Designer.
    • 2. Do not copy previous or new Batman sets.
    • 3. You make small, medium or large set.
    • 4. Have fun!
    • 5. Contest ends February 10
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