I like new theme of monster fighters. But in this theme a lot of minifigures are going to be replay i mean:

  • 1. Dracula (Studios) (Collectible Minifigures). 3/10
  • 2. Frankenstein Monster (Studios) (Collectible Minifigures). 5/10
  • 3. Ghost (Castle) (Studios) but i dosen`t have this minifigure so i waiting for them. 7/10
  • 4. Mad Scientist (Studios) (Collectible Minifigures). 3/10
  • 5. Mummy very old minifigure and boring, appearance in many series. (Studios) (Pharaoh`s Quest) (Collectible Minifigures)

Many of minifigures are replay. But some minifigures are new:

  • 1. Swamp Monster very cool minifigure i like his new fish mask, I want to see them without mask. 10/10
  • 2. Dracula`s Bride new interesting minifigure Dracula is boring but now we have a woman. 8/10
  • 3. Werewolf i have werewolf but in this theme he is very coolest. 7/10
  • 4. Bat Monster very cool minifigure i think lego working on new minifigures arms. 10/10

Gallery of cool minifigures in this theme:

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