Alright everybody, new Star Wars Content will be open! If you want to have exclusive Droid Builder trophy you must make the new couple of droids just like R2-D2 and C-3PO from STAR WARS Saga. So happy making!


  • 1. You can use LDD (Lego Digital Designer)
  • 2. You haven't got the limit of the parts.
  • 3. can not use Official Figures, or Customs other people have made on the internet
  • 4. you also need to leave a Offical Picture of the droid

(only if the Mini-Figure is based on a offical Star Wars Droid)

  • 5. You can submit only 1 Mini-Figure
  • 6. You may Paint your Mini-Figure as well
  • 7. You can use stuff like Paint (Computer Program)but it needs to be really good
  • 8. I will need 2 or more Pictures of your Mini-Figure in Different Veiws
  • 9. Contest ends February 21
  • 10. You can not Make the following Figures:

R2-D2, C-3PO, Medic Droid- and all droids from this page [1] i check all creations!

  • 11. You must do two droids not one.
  • 12. Please put images in your comments.

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