aka Nightlasher

  • I live in In the World that Never Was, with Dark Corridors linking to Wikia, Luxendarc, Nitrome, A. Nigma High, the Lombax Dimension, Castle Oblivion, and Minecraft
  • I was born on April 5
  • I am as my avatar depicts, a gentleman steampunk cyborg muscian hypnotist ninja wizard (Finnwich from Detentionaire)
  • Doomslicer

    New LDD version out

    March 8, 2013 by Doomslicer

    This is just to inform all who don't use LDD anymore that a new version is available, with new parts from Chima, Galaxy Squad, and others. Also, not sure as I didn't use the part much on the last update, but anyway, staffs are no longer in the weapons section, but in the sign (or whatever its called) section.

    So what do you like about the newest version? The Chima swords and cloaks/capes make a nice addition, though one of the capes won't go on any figure no matter what I do (the really tall one).

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  • Doomslicer

    WARNING: Some mild spoilers. Having watched the first two episodes new Legends of Chima TV Show, I decided to write a little blog about it. So, in a nutshell,

    • Plot

    A half decent plot, predictable at points, but easily as good if not better than Ninjago. Just to note, it is explained why the animals are so humanoid; it's because of the Chi. When Chi was first leaked into the ecosystem of Chima, those who drank it became more humanoid, you get the picture (some animals never drank it and never evolved, and wandered into the outlands, and are considered mere legends by some). The plot feels slightly more mature (and I mean less childish, not less clean, just being clear here), dealing with tribes at war, one of the main villians wants to aveng…

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  • Doomslicer

    Return to Exo-Force

    February 11, 2013 by Doomslicer

    Rejoice! It seems LEGO is returning to Exo-Force-style sets, as shown by the latest Ninjago sets and some uncovered pics of Galaxy Squad on Brickset: Exo-Force was my favorite theme, with all this return to it in terms of style, maybe we'll be seeing a reboot. Your valuable thoughts?

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  • Doomslicer

    As you all know, LEGO is making a Minifigures MMO. But that's not all! LEGO has also confirmed a Legends of Chima MMO coming out this year! So what are your valuable thoughts (since you put in your two cents, but your thoughts only cost a penny. Which means the government is putting a 50% tax on your thoughts, so they must be valuable!) on this?

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  • Doomslicer Squad I don't know about you, but this theme is beginning to get me excited (though my money supply may not be so happy :P). It combines Mars Mission and Exo-Force, two of my favorite themes, and adds some nice minifigs and weaponry. It also harkens back to Insectoids, another fun theme. So what do you think of Galaxy Squad?

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