Hey, here's a funny thing I found a certain Chinese shopping website. A NINJAGO take-off, called... NINJAMAN!!! Chinese Ninjago Take Off They've done a fair job of replicating the original, though you'll notice Wu's facemask and that his staff has a non-lego piece connecting the spear to the staff.

Proof I didn't photoshop these:

There are many more sets shown on this page, good for a few laughs. Most appear to be about 25 Yaun, or almost $4. They appear to have completely copied the cards. So what does the community think of this?

For the record, looking at the preview pictures I thought it was real. But the fact that it wasn't certainly didn't surprise me. This is FAR from the first (and shan't be the last) Chinese rip-off of a LEGO theme, though by far one of the best.

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