WARNING: Some mild spoilers. Having watched the first two episodes new Legends of Chima TV Show, I decided to write a little blog about it. So, in a nutshell,

What I Liked

  • Plot

A half decent plot, predictable at points, but easily as good if not better than Ninjago. Just to note, it is explained why the animals are so humanoid; it's because of the Chi. When Chi was first leaked into the ecosystem of Chima, those who drank it became more humanoid, you get the picture (some animals never drank it and never evolved, and wandered into the outlands, and are considered mere legends by some). The plot feels slightly more mature (and I mean less childish, not less clean, just being clear here), dealing with tribes at war, one of the main villians wants to avenge his parents' deaths, an evil sister who uses some sort of hypnotic flower to control others, so forth.

  • Less franchise-based

This could actually stand alone, without the sets and stuff (preferably with non-LEGO figures though). The Speedorz are cool, one-wheeled, motorbike-like vehicles certain characters ride (and pull a small cord to start). Unlike Ninjago, this feels a little like it could've come before the sets.

  • Scale

There are some half-decent battle scenes, and at points it seems like a little taste of what an Exo-Force television series might've been (as there are several big mechs and tanks).

What I Didn't Like

  • Voice Acting

I'll be honest, I didn't like the voice acting very much. But that's just my opinion. The rhinos' and apes' voices in general were really annoying. This is the only thing I really didn't like.

  • Animation

While the battle scenes and war machines are animated nicely, the characters themselves aren't so much. Of course, this is unavoidable as they are LEGO, and are animals of sorts, but still.

So what are your thoughts on the new Chima series? I like it. How does it compare to Ninjago? I think it's almost as good, maybe even equal, aside from the voice acting. Do you expect it to catch on? It's hard to say, but I think it has a chance.

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