Ok guys, I have a lot on my plate, so I'm going to be inactive at Brickipedia. I may occasional come on chat, but not everyday. Though I've had some good times and some bad times, here's a quote from my Dad:

                                                                                          Its been real
                                                                                           Its been nice
                                                                                   But it ain't been real nice

And though my time was short, I had some good times with some people, and I want to thank a couple of people for making this a good experience:

  • Amir Kinard: For being an AWESOME friend, we've had are differences, but still, you are an awesome person, and don't let ANYONE tell you different.
  • CJC95: You are a kind bureaucrat, and I thank you for not only your kindness, but also your recognition of users who mainly fix grammar (Not many users respect people who fix grammar). Good luck at the University!
  • Awesomeknight1234: You live up to your account name. You are a kind person who isn't all rude always busy with other things.
  • Nightwolf150: Thank you for that Awesome sig fig man, it rocks!
  • LSCStealthNinja: Thank you for letting me put an article about my dog Zuzu on your wiki, it's a nice wiki.
  • BrickfilmNut: You are a very easy user to talk to, and I have respect for you. Good luck with being an animator!

If any of you need me, you can find me at Rolling Stones wiki, Despicable Me wiki, Lego Kingdoms wiki, or Dragonknight86 wiki. Please let me know when Brickimedia is up. So goodbye everyone and remember "I'll see you at Brickimedia".

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