For almost 6 months I've been working on the Google Wiki. At first I attempted at a failed adoption, and then when Angela retired, everything changed ('cuz she was the only active admin). Another inactive admin came back, and got Bureaucrat rights by adoption. When he adopted it, he gave me admin rights. We seem to have conflicting ideas, but he's the leader, so we go by his ideas. He doesn't really edit at all, and I haven't been because of the conflicting ideas. Recently, we've worked something out, though. He's given me 'crat rights, and may be allowing my ideas to be on the wiki as well. My goal (and part of the deal) is to restore activity to the wiki. It gets almost 2,000 views a month, so it's totally worth restoring. Google's also extremely popular, so it has a lot of potential to be a top 10 wiki. All's it needs it a couple editors. Once a couple people start editing it, more join. Eventually you have a full community. If we can get it in shape, it'd be a great wiki to go in the spotlight, and it would grow much more. So what do you say? Will you please help me edit it? :) Drewlzoo

It can be found here:

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