• Dunjohn

    The Games' All Here

    April 28, 2011 by Dunjohn

    Check this out. Isn't it gorgeous?

    Okay, not particularly. But it is to me. Its arrival in the post this morning means I've finally acquired all of the currently-available, commercially-released LEGO Games. I've completed the theme except that Happy Holidays corporate gift set and the promo golden die. It's not the first theme I've collected in full (that would be Prince of Persia, again minus promos). And I have all sixty-four Collectable Minifigures on their little shelf. It's not even the first time I've collected this theme in full, but they keep releasing new ones every six months or so. It still gives me a satisfied feeling of fuzziness, though, to put a cap on the theme for now. Roll on Heroica!

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  • Dunjohn

    Siguratively Fpeaking

    March 22, 2011 by Dunjohn

    Meet Dunjohnbot.

    You may recognise him from my avatar. He's my sigfig.

    The concept of a "sigfig" seems to be commonplace on a lot of LEGO sites I've visited. Not so much here on Brickipedia; a quick search tells me there are no results matching my query, and with one or two possible exceptions, the regulars here don't seem to have one. It's not the only site where sigfigs aren't a big deal, but they're an idea I came across pretty much immediately after ending my Dark Age and took to quite happily, so I'm here to spread the love.

    Basically, your "signature figure" is a particular minifigure that you've adopted for some reason, and use as an avatar in anything that might need one. Not just the avatar image beside your screen title, but in your…

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  • Dunjohn

    Darkness and Dusk

    March 9, 2011 by Dunjohn

    I'm presently in a Dark Age. Or am I? Yes. No. Sort of. Maybe. Yes.

    And it's my second one. But because I know I'm in it, does it really count? Yes. No. Sort of... you get the idea.

    A Dark Age, for anybody who doesn't know, is that period of disenlightenment when a person has "grown out" of LEGO and not yet discovered the impossibility of that notion. It's the years of inactivity between when LEGO was a toy, and when it becomes a hobby. And until it becomes a hobby, people simply don't realise that it's only a Dark Age, with a beginning and an end.

    A lot of people are fortunate or sensible enough not to go through a Dark Age. Their childhood fascination simply matures into an adolescent pastime and then an adult hobby with no interruption. Th…

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