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  • Eagleeyedan

    In the latest CUUSOO blog they suggested posting your ideas in outside relevant websites. I figured here would be a good place. I made a micro-build model of the Hero Factory HQ in LDD. It's my first micro build I've ever done so I hope it looks decent. Here's some pictures of it.

    I know lots of people think CUUSOO is a waste of time but I think it's a great way to make your dream of becoming a LEGO designer a reality.
    Please help make this set a reality and support it!

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  • Eagleeyedan

    LEGO has recently been doing a lot of marketing ploys with In one of their new releases, they want a short based on the Monster Fighters theme. In the overview, THEY RELEASED THE STORY! Here it is.

    "In the land of monsters, in a haunted castle, that…even among haunted castles, stands out as especially brooding and grim, we find the infamous mastermind, Lord Vampyre--who has just completed his research and concoted an evil spell nearly ready to be released—

    If …he can just…combine…6 moonstones… currently guarded, by 6 (count ‘em, 6) monsters, his spell will eclipse the sun for good! Flooding the world in eternal darkness—awakening an entire Monster Army and unleashing MASS HYSTERIA.

    Pretty grim. Right? But….

    Somebody’s keeping…

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  • Eagleeyedan

    Here's my entry in the Monster Fighters contest. The Spider Cave Ambush

    The Monster Fighter has found some of the crystals! But the Cave Dweller wants them back and will do anything to get them! Can the Heroine get past his army of spiders? Will her spear-gun be enough to ward them off? You decide! Includes Heroine and Cave Dweller minifig, spiders, revolver, knife, and much more!

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  • Eagleeyedan

    LEGO Friends

    December 27, 2011 by Eagleeyedan

    Okay, the theme has been released in the catalouges and online now but I am packing to go on vacation so I don't have time to update the pages. Can someone else do it please? thanks. I'm off for a week to visit relatives over the new year. cya!

    (here's the site link

    Oh yes, you might want to make a page for the Ninjago Kendo Jay Booster pack they are giving out too as their "spend over $75" give-away this month.


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  • Eagleeyedan


    December 23, 2011 by Eagleeyedan

    Sometimes I feel like I'm not appreciated here. I mean some users get all this attention yet I have more edits, have never vandalized a wiki, and have been here a lot longer. I will say that more edits really doesn't mean anything but (I think) my edits are higher-quality. I've added TONS of shop descriptions to new sets and I do a lot of digging through archive sites to find descriptions of sets from like 2002, I added a lot of pages for old video games like Drome Racers, Racers 2, I've added a lot of content on the adventurers, spybotics, and agents pages and the list goes on.

    The event that really made me feel put-down was when I was just plain old linking stuff on Life on Mars pages and someone went along and un-did them all and called …

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