Sometimes I feel like I'm not appreciated here. I mean some users get all this attention yet I have more edits, have never vandalized a wiki, and have been here a lot longer. I will say that more edits really doesn't mean anything but (I think) my edits are higher-quality. I've added TONS of shop descriptions to new sets and I do a lot of digging through archive sites to find descriptions of sets from like 2002, I added a lot of pages for old video games like Drome Racers, Racers 2, I've added a lot of content on the adventurers, spybotics, and agents pages and the list goes on.

The event that really made me feel put-down was when I was just plain old linking stuff on Life on Mars pages and someone went along and un-did them all and called me a trash editor and I had several users mad at me for no reason at all! There seem to be some users who think that just because I'm an admin on the LMB wiki means that I have no place here but I have a real passion for LEGOs and that's why I'm still on the MBs even though I'm almost heading off to college now.

It seems that nowadays if you chat, you are popular but I stay off chat because there is always someone swearing and not getting banned and others doing nothing wrong yet they get banned (I can remember an incident when a user said the F word and didn't get banned yet 4 other users got banned before they even said a word!) I miss the "old" days of Briki back when TheGrandEditor was the wiki's hero. It seems like Briki changed in late summer and now, it's just not as friendly as it used to be. Does anyone else feel this way?


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