• ElectricMayhem

    I was just checking out the pages. Meh, they look OK, I guess. But I can think of a way to make them look better.

    His body is basically just a big yellow brick with a face and he also has arm holes. Well, duh. His arms sorta start out white, but the rest is yellow. Spongebob has those, like, tiny legs, so he's short. Like the Squidward Minifig, he has a long nose. Except this one goes straight forward, and... is yellow.

    Now, this one, someone should of done YEARS ago! This flying dutchman minifig in my opinion kind of reaks. Either way, he also has a long nose. And a sword. And a beard. And a hairpeace with one of those "pegs" on top. And a hat. His legs are the hard part. His legs are the, like, "swirly thing". You know. The same leg piece …

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