Ok, I know many people want a LOTR theme, so I want you guys to think of 5-10 different sets for LOTR TFOTR(The Fellowship of the Ring). Here are mine:

1.At the council of Elrond

2.The Bridge of Khazad-Dum(That will come with the Balrog.:D)

3.Lothlorien(The home of the tree elves)

4.Flight to the Ford(A set with all nine Nazguls and Frodo, a battle pack.)

5.Bag End

6.In the House of Tom Bombadill(For those of you who have read the books.)

7.The Barrow Downs(It would come with a Barrow Wight, Tom Bombadill, Frodo, Mary, Pippin, and Sam. Also for you ppl who have read the books.)

8.The Sign of the Prancing Pony

So, how do you like the ideas? Now it's your turn to post your ideas.

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