Well, I made drawings for all 5 tribes of the Serpentine's heads (Plus a fictional tribe). Here they are: Also, I have more Great Ones photos on the way of different Variations.

WARNING: The following content is Fanon!

About the Great Ones

The Great Ones are the most ancient tribes of Serpentine. They are, unknown to the other tribes. The thing inside the layer of the Great Devourer which can only be opened by finding the four swords. Yet, they are called the Great Ones for they know where the Great Devourer was improsoned and were once his servants. Once the Great Devourer was improsoned, the Great Ones took over the tribes of Serpentine as rulers. They separated the snakes into tribes, but at the same time governing over them all. It was finally civil war and disputes that completely separated them.


Every single Great One has a tail. They alway have spikes runing from the front of their head to the tip of their tail. They vary in colors.

How a Great One comes to be

A Great One begins as a normal Hpynobrai, Venomari, etc. egg. Then, as the snakes say, they are "blessed" and when they hatch, they are different. It is like a kind of mutation, except all of them are close to the exact same. Though some "mutations" are different from the others. One sign that a hatchling is a Great One is that, one; it has no legs, but a tail. Two; Great Ones are born with their tatoos on their face. Finally; Great ones are the only Serpentine without fangs.

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