Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus

aka Erhan Cetinkaya

  • I live in Turkey
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is Collecting Lego
  • I am Male
  • Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus

    Hey folks!

    Today marks the day of my 1th anniversary on the LEGO Wiki, I've been very happy when I joined this in this wiki. I enjoy this wiki because of its very good knowledge over LEGO sets, which lets me know this,

    Please don't spam and be nice over me, thanks :)

    In behalf of me,

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  • Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus

    Hi all HF fans!

    I have bought Core Hunter. He's cool. and I like him very much. I bought him after I attended my sister's graduation ceremony today. She's now a social and health care helper. I am very excited of she being a care helper!

    Note: Be polite on me and don't write negative comments, so make it clean :)

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  • Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus

    Hi all!

    I have recently picked up Stormer XL, the second HF titan hero. after last year's Rocka, I felt that Stormer is better than Hulk and Rocka XL. He's a decent set for your HF collection. that it has Ultrabuild pieces and also great weapons. so i would highly recommend it to fans, though it is also a introduction to titan sets.

    Please don't write negative comments. :P

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  • Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus

    Dear all TFoLs. AFoLs and Lego fans!

    It's good to hear that Lego recently changed the old 4-digit numbers to the all-new 5-digit numbers. That made me very happy. when it was used on exclusives. but it is still used

    This example is the winter's flagship set number 42000, The set is called Grand Prix Racers, which will be released in Winter 2013. It is a kind of Formula 1. but with white and red pieces, which would make a nice colour scheme. We must stil see pics of HF 2013 sets.

    I'm 16 year old now. so I still play with Legos,

    P.S: Negative comments should be avoided. so make it clean,

    BIONICLE shall still be remembererd by me. Unity. Duty and Destiny

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  • Erhan Cetinkaya Sirvus Pirvus

    Dear all LEGO and HF fans!

    Today marks TLG's 80th birthday when it founded in 1932. It was a good time for us.

    If you're in U.S. or Canada. you get a free birthday cake with orders of $50 or more. until Monday.

    I wish happy birthday to LEGO and I hopes TLG deserves the best!

    P.S: Negative comments aren't allowed. :)

    Best regards fron Denmark and Kurdistan!

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