Dear Bionicle and Hero Factory fans.

Hi I'm a proud fan of Bionicle. and I was impressed when i bought Gali Nuva 10 years ago. It was a good theme. and i picked up my love to Bionicle. but when in 2008. I heard that there was a change to socket joints. The new pieces. amongst the cool masks and wings looked cool. and the new Matoran building system looked delighted among me.

In 2009, there was a new head mold which resembled the Iron Man head. and more cool masks were great. Also introduced were the new launcher and hand pieces. which was later adapted in HF. when in November 2009, I was sad and disappointed when the Bionicles would end.

In 2010. I collected Tahu and Rahkshi. They was cool and remakes of the original. but with Heat Vision. but in May 2010. I broke my left leg when I fell in a scooter. and my leg was placed in a special shoe which kept my left leg, After 4 weeks. I was able to walk again. and 3 months later. I was in HF. so I collected my very first HF character. called William Furno. He looked great. and i collected the villains and other heroes.

Bionicle has a better story. building system and epic worlds rather than HF. so I would see Lego bringing back Bionicle in a different year. perhaps 2013-14. The old sockets in the Bionicle system would be re-moulded so they don't break.

Sincerely. Erhan


She was my very first Bionicle set ever!!!

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