Dear all you Hero Factory fans.

Vacation is over. and I have spent 6 weeks in Turkey, even though I'm a Kurd.


I drove to Billund. the origin of LEGO. which was later scattered to the world. I flew with Sky Airlines. a Turkish airline. based in Antalya in Turkey. and my airline meal was bread with cheese. salad and bresaola as spread. After I travelled to Ankara. the capital. I spent 2 there. After two days, I drove in a bus to my Kurdish village. where I am from. They had good hospitality. traditions of making sheep yoghurt, and traditional Kurdish cuisine. where I ate. and after circa 1 week, I was gone to Tasucu. a port city with palms. but when I slept there were five mosquito bites. that they later disappeared instantly with soap. where I spent 3 weeks there. and I travelled again to my village. There was dried grapes and apricots. which are a part of traditional Kurdish molasses, which are of sugar and water. accompanied with dried figs. It tasted sour, and I returned to Ankara for 6 days. and I returned to Denmark again.

P.S. I have realized that the rumored Rampant Oceans for winter 2013 is going to be a hybrid of sea animals and robots. according to a YouTube video. that contained drawings which the villans would be like. We'll first see when we get pics in Sept-Oct.

Edit 1: Added information on Kurdish cuisine. will post more soon :)

Please don't write negative comments. so make it cleaner :D

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