January 07. 2012

I am just happy that Lego made this first buildable dog in the Hero Factory series. It looks easy to build :)V

Here I give it a rate, here are the pros and cons:


Good to see a dog again in HF.

Black. red and trans-orange is a good color scheme

Buildable dog

New pieces

It uses the same bone system in Winter last year. 2011. but it is now continued in 2012

Easy build

New headpiece

Good to see Bionicle pieces in HF.


It uses the brittle Av-Matoran ball socket

Waspix is also a set. which two parts is breakable

Overall: 49/50

I am skeptical that the Av-Matoran feet elfrom 2008 is still in remolding process. so it don't break anymore.

I highly recommend it to huge HF fans. Most likely a super good set.

Hopes it helps

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