January 12. 2012.

Hey everyone. it would be better to improve buildable Hf heroes and villains with a new style.

Here's the thoughts:

-Remoulded BIONICLE Glatorian head. also Shadow Matoran feet from 2008 will be too.

-More larger sets like the Summer 2012 wave had.

-Custom torsos for the villains, perhaps a large Jawblade-like torso in a $12.99 set

-There would be 4 $7,99 sets, while there are 5 $12.99 sets!

-Sure to make new pieces for making better titans

-New back piece in every hero!

It's the best theme EVER!

Also. I prefer more Ultrabuilds in the Super Heroes line. if they're succesful! because it appeals to boys from 6 years.

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