It's February 13. shall we?

Don't worry. Stormer XL is my favourite set. including XT4. Core Drainer. Voltix and Stringer. as I have 1.0 version of him. I am lucky that the new Stormer would resemble the Hulk Ultrabuild. though better than Hulk, I am happy that Stormer not died. because of our HF fans have made fun!

Here's my thoughts:

XT4: He's a fourarmed villain. but it looks a little good.

Stormer XL: His cool building makes me glad. because it's better than the Hulk Ultrabuild. It would be a introduction to HF, after the boys have tried the Ultrabuilds. He's a must-buy!

Voltix: A bit similar to Piraka from Bionicle. He's cool! New parts! Hooray!

Core Drainer: He's a must buy for me. along with Stormer XL. I am happy that his chest is similar to Iron Man.

Stringer: He looks like a musician. He have a buildable guitar!

Bulk: He has a back gun. He's my favorite too. Definitely a must-buy!

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