Hey everyone, you are probably wondering "Why does he have another blog up?" Well, listen up. This is important. Recently, I have been kind of mean and rude and immature. I apologize for that, not just to gain more respect, but I really mean it. I am done with the me who always uses loopholes to get out of everything. I put a lot of users through crap, and it is true. I have been annoying, and frankly, I have just been plain angry if you haven't noticed it. But this is for me to tell anyone reading this, I am finished with being immature and idiotic. I am finished with being mean, and I am finished with accusing people for nothing. I have made people extremely annoyed and angry, and too those people I am sorry. I have gotten a lot better with this, and it turns out I have AMI (Anger Management Issues). I went to see a therapist and yeah. So:

Sorry :)

  • CzechMate -- I don't know what I did, but I am sorry and please forgive me.
  • Berrybrick -- For being an annoying twit.
  • Sonofhades101 -- For being mean
  • Club Penguin Users -- For being mean
  • Awesomeknight -- For being rude
  • Ecildboy -- For saying that on your userpage, but I beilieve A.S. got it to you.
  • Mr.Brick -- For being mean, for acting like a freak.
  • CGCJ -- For being mean.
  • CM4S -- For starting argument and being mean
  • And too everyone who I have offended that I have not remembered.

Thanks everyone, and I am sorry and have changed my ways.


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