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  • Fright knights

    Lego 2012

    November 18, 2011 by Fright knights

    Ok guys l want to buy a lego 2012 set mostly a dino theme set.l know that you can buy them online but the only site l know is ebay and the prices are expensive.So do you know a site with 2012 sets with low prices and also if the company ship worldwide because l live in Greece.Please help.

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  • Fright knights

    This is just rumors but you'll never know.Here is the names of the sets.

    Message in a Bottle € 4.50

    Duel for the Chest € 9.99

    Mermaid Raid € 19.99

    Cannibal Island Attack € 39.99

    Spectral Prison Ship € 49.99

    Captain Crawfish's Avenger € 109.99

    So that do you say guys.Are they just rumors or not???Discuss.

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  • Fright knights

    Ok guys do you know if there is lego store's in Barcelona??Or at least shop's with toys??(Action figures,Lego)Do you????

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  • Fright knights

    Super heroes

    July 20, 2011 by Fright knights

    Ok guys l'm confiused.Are they going to be LEGO Super Heros sets or just minifigs???l also entered the site, check yourself

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  • Fright knights


    May 28, 2011 by Fright knights

    l saw a vid on YT and one guy has night speeder (the set with savage oppress)he says that he lives in sweden.Here is the vid link:

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