Gag Buster 70

aka Arale Williams

  • I live in Arale William's floating mansion above the ocean...IN SPACE!!
  • I was born on November 15
  • My occupation is Walking Da Walk
  • I am Ask dat later.
  • Gag Buster 70

    (NOTE: These are from my idea of the second LEGO Movie.)

    Emmet, despite his strenghs, is being chased by (supposed) helpers, Robo-Drones! Flick the hidden switches to make the under-construction building fall apart, stopping the robots in their tracks! Will Emmet be saved, or will the robots get him? Includes 4 minifigures: Emmet, 2-Constructo-Drones, and Undercover Wyldstyle.

    Emmet, Wyldstyle, President Buisness, and the others are searching for Benny in the Icy North. Suddenly, Lord Acriss's robotic walrus, The Berg, pops out of the ice, and grabs Metalbeard's head. The Berg's mouth can open, along with it's eyelids. Will Emmet stop the robotic walrus from eating Metalbeard? Includes 6 minifigures: Winter Emmet, Winter Wyldstyle, Winter Ki…

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