I think that LEGO should put more sets from The Force Unleashed video game. They only made one F.U. set which was the 7672 Rogue Shadow. I was thinking that they should make that rebel base on Hoth. In the video game, it is where all the senators see each other to talk about defeating the Empire, including Galen Marek and Rahm Kota, (Galen's new Jedi master). It should come with a part of the mountain where Darth Vader comes and uses the force to throw Galen off the mountain. It should include Galen Marek, Darth Vader, Rahm Kota, Senator Leia Organa,(Princess Leia in a different outfit), and Senator Bail Organa, (Princess Leia's foster father, Darth Vader being her real father).

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