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    Brick-Out is Coming

    January 6, 2012 by GameGear360

    Well it's official. A few months ago I revealed plans to make a comic series based off the show Wipeout called Brick-Out that used brickipedians in it. I asked if you could say what you would like to be, but since none of you did I am going to do it anyways :) 24 Lucky brickipedians will be in this comic strip issue 1 including me so it's gonna be awesome. I'm just going to randomly select your names if none of you guys comment, so if you could please take the time to do the ~ ~ ~ ~ thing in the comments box that would be awesome. Also when it coems out feel free to get pissed if you are included and you don't like how you look because it's your fault you didn't comment :D How am I supposed to know what you look like otherwise. Anyways it …

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  • GameGear360

    We all know about the show Wipeout, and if you don't than I laugh at you. Anyways, I will be making a certain Comic strip similar to that on Crotocall studios, but this time it features YOU! It will be several minifigures competing on a Wipeout-like show, however all will be based off of real minifigures. All you need to do, is have more than 500 edits and give me what kind of minifigure you'd like to be. Be aware that I only have minifugres from 2001-2009 though, so please don't say "I'd like to be a Fright Knights soldier" cause that ain't happening. If you comment, I will add you on the game. First 24 only! Everyone has a fair chance of winning. This will be the first of many, so please, please, PLEASE join in. It wont happen without you…

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    How to Leave 3

    August 23, 2011 by GameGear360

    Don't take this parodical blog for real- have a look at User_blog:BobaFett2/How_to_Leave. Follow that instead of this!

    Step 0: Be on Brickipedia
    Step 1: Develop sudden anger management.
    Step 2: Purposely go on chat.
    Step 3: On chat, suddenly get offended by what one person says.
    Step 4: Scream at them.
    Step 5: Threaten to leave.
    Step 6: Read their apology and say it's not good enough.
    Step 7: Put a big, bold, red notice on your userpage saying that you are going to leave.
    Step 8: Spam several pages and then leave.
    Step 9: Suddenly come back in a few days for no apparent reason.
    Step 10: Deny any accusations of leaving or spamming.
    Step 11: When everyone least expects it, leave and never return.
    Step 12: Repeat steps 0 through 11
    Step 13: Repeat step 0.


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  • GameGear360


    August 8, 2010 by GameGear360

    This is the official blog post for the Intergalactic Wiki Savers Team. New requests are welcome.

    What we do;

    We rescue old, abandoned and vandalized wikis by reverting spam, adding pages, editing previous and alerting pages for deletion.

    Can I join?;

    If you are credible enough by a member, you are welcome to join as a "Rookie Level" member. As you get better you will be given better roles

    This group sucks. Can I quit?;

    You suck. A member will withdraw your name from the rights template and you will be given the finger (sarcasm).

    Can I get a better role?;

    If you meet the roles necessary roles, than yes. It will be decided by a leader.

    Can I request a wiki for help?;

    Certainly. Ask away. We will choose the most neediest wikis to help.

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  • GameGear360


    July 7, 2010 by GameGear360

    I am feeling happy today. What's going on?

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