Well it's official. A few months ago I revealed plans to make a comic series based off the show Wipeout called Brick-Out that used brickipedians in it. I asked if you could say what you would like to be, but since none of you did I am going to do it anyways :) 24 Lucky brickipedians will be in this comic strip issue 1 including me so it's gonna be awesome. I'm just going to randomly select your names if none of you guys comment, so if you could please take the time to do the ~ ~ ~ ~ thing in the comments box that would be awesome. Also when it coems out feel free to get pissed if you are included and you don't like how you look because it's your fault you didn't comment :D How am I supposed to know what you look like otherwise. Anyways it should be out by the end of the month, so be prepared. It's gonna be really, really, really mediocre but hey not everyone's perfect. It's all just for fun, so site back and relax when I post it and have a good time. Thanks, GG 370Gamegear 14:15, January 6, 2012 (UTC)

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