We all know about the show Wipeout, and if you don't than I laugh at you. Anyways, I will be making a certain Comic strip similar to that on Crotocall studios, but this time it features YOU! It will be several minifigures competing on a Wipeout-like show, however all will be based off of real minifigures. All you need to do, is have more than 500 edits and give me what kind of minifigure you'd like to be. Be aware that I only have minifugres from 2001-2009 though, so please don't say "I'd like to be a Fright Knights soldier" cause that ain't happening. If you comment, I will add you on the game. First 24 only! Everyone has a fair chance of winning. This will be the first of many, so please, please, PLEASE join in. It wont happen without you. Thanks, GG 360Gamegear 15:04, August 31, 2011 (UTC)

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