• GondorRanger

    Here are my top 10 future sets for the LOTR trilogy and the one Hobbit movie out thus far. (We can only speculate on what the scenes and cahracters will be for the upcoming films). I won't try to guess the pieces/price for the sets, either.

    1. The Battle for Pelennor Fields Minifigures: Eowyn (Dernhelm outfit with swappable helmet/hair), Merry (Rohan outfit), Withchking of Angmar (with helmet, sword, and big mace) Molded Figures: White horse with horse armor Buildable Figures: Fell Beast Setting: Grass and bushes

    2. The Bridge of Khazad-dum Minifigs: Gandalf Buildable Figure: Balrog Setting: Collapsable bridge

    The Siege of Minas Tirith (2 sets) 3. The Walls of Minas Tirith Minifigs: Gandalf the White, Gothmog, 3 Gondor Soldiers, Mordo…

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