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    News Blog 4/8/14

    August 4, 2014 by Googlydoe

    Two new Unikitty minifigures have been revealed at Comic-Con, both set to be released in 2015 The LEGO Movie sets. It is unknown which sets they will star in, but the sad Unikitty has a good possibility of being included in a set based on the Submarine from the movie.

    Similar to last year's SDCC Azog, the Bard the Bowman minifigure given away at this year's SDCC will appear in a Hobbit "Batte of the Five Armies" set. It is currently unknown which set it is to appear in.

    A LEGO Movie set named "Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack" is slated for release in 2015. The set will include three minifigures, including a new version of Angry Kitty named Super Angry Kitty and a new variant of Batman. The main build of the set is a Micro Manager and wil…

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  • Googlydoe

    Emmet Awards

    February 12, 2014 by Googlydoe

    Im entering the first emmet awards contest. Who else is?

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  • Googlydoe

    My Lego Film Wiki....

    January 14, 2014 by Googlydoe

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  • Googlydoe Grevous' Wheel Bike. This would allow me and other Lego fans to get Grevous cheap. UCS Sandcrawler: ITS BIG! Modular Star Wars: Big and detailed playsets. Ultimate Showdown at Gotham: Its HUGE!

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  • Googlydoe

    This contest is to duplicate a scene from a Brickfilm on Youtube. You can use real bricks or use LDD. You have to do it off of a Lego stop motion video.

    • No taking a picture from the video and claiming it as your own
    • Put a link to the video
    • It has to be your creation
    • You can use Lego Digital Designer
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