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This is my Lego Cuusoo Project. You can support it here.

Space Soldiers are my new Constructible Figure series.

Space Soldiers divided into:
- Space Soldier Commando - orange version
- Space Soldier Trooper - lightgreen
- Young Space Soldier
- Space Soldiers Leader
Idea Image
Space Soldier Commando is (i think) the best Space Soldier. He has new orange Bionicle pieces, gun named Scar-B. His helmet fashioned out of plasticine.
Idea Image
Young Space Soldiers are.... young. They are orange (if they become Space Soldier Commando) or lightgreen (Space Soldier Trooper). Their weapon is Valkyrie Rockets.
Idea Image
All Space Soldiers weapons:
- Scar-B - Commando
- Mini-TMP - Trooper
- Valkyrie Rockets - Young Space Soldiers

And the last one - Leader of the Space Soldiers.



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