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    Minecraft - HOTM

    January 5, 2013 by Hi Strike Laser

    Well, this is the official Houses of the Month intro. I'm going to take any pics from anyone or videos (but if they are YouTube links, I will not use them), but every month I'll put a bit of stuff I'm considering.

    Creepershy's "Obsidian Dream", which the user requested not to put any pics, is a huge temple with a beautiful obsidian entrance hall (Creeper-proof), but the real rooms are underground. The pillars in front and entrance are gorgeous, and you really can't even tell that there is room under. Beds, TNT, and utility rooms line the underground scenario. Water is also present as a private pool!

    Our very own Hunterkiller1440 has made a house out of Wooden Planks. Not bad at all, the two-story house has glass windows and a good view of outside …

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  • Hi Strike Laser

    A Great Welcome

    January 1, 2013 by Hi Strike Laser

    Well, I gotta say: GREAT welcome. Thank you all for not banning me as a sock (hey, I use the library computers), and for not being a jerk to a newb. Plus, I got my first two reviews (even a Mini TIE Fighter! Good omen?), and I joined right before the start of 2013. It's been nice so far (I had to recover from the trauma of the past users of my IP, Artoo-Detoo and I believe some kind of Mew Destroy, did something bad), and I'm really happy with being here and all. Right now I just want Checkuser and maybe mod, but as I said, thanks for not jumping to conclusions about me. I'm sure it's gonna be a great year.

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