Ok these are Sig Figs only for registered users, if you want a sig fig request in the comments below (requests end April 8, 2013). Oh BTW it will be LDD parts :).

UPDATE 3/21/13

I will now be doing physical minifigures. Ask me what you want to look like. BTW tell me what accessories you want.

UPDATE 3/25/13

Due to the lack of new requests I am closing this blog as soon as I get ErkelonJay's physical fig done.

UPDATE 3/27/13


Requests so far

1. Mr.Brix (done)

2. Croc2274 (done)

3. LEGO2013Helper (done)

4. Awesomeknight1234 (done)

5. ErkelonJay (Done)

6. Carmerville (done)

7. Stormbringer Empire791 (done)

8. Jeyo (done)

9. Captain Jag (done)

10. Legofan100 (done)

11. Darth henry (done)

12. Megalor (done)

13. Max the LEGO Minifigure (done)

14. Irnakk (done)

15. BlueJay11 (done)

16. MassiveSodaDuck (done)

17. King of Nynrah (done)

18. Legoindy7734

  • Croc2274
  • Mr.Brix
  • LEGO2013Helper
  • Awesomeknight1234
  • ErkelonJay
  • Carmerville
  • Stormbringer Empire791
  • Jeyo (as Lord Vladek)
  • Captain Jag
  • Legofan100
  • Darth henry
  • Megalor
  • Max the LEGO Minifigure
  • Irnakk
  • BlueJay11
  • MassiveSodaDuck
  • King of Nynrah
  • ErkelonJay (physical)
  • Legoindy7734

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