Name:LEGO Island Brickster Bust-out


Microfigures:Pepper Roni, The Infomaniac, The Brickster, Sky Lane, three Brickster-Bots, Nick Brick, and Laura Brick.

Goal (as Pepper, Infomaniac, Sky Lane, Nick, or Laura): Work together to defeat all three Brickster-Bots (using pizzas), or catch the Brickster (by trapping him using the Microfigures and the heli-copter).

Goal (as The Brickster): Use the Brickster-Bots to buy pizzas, take three of them to the jail, and then get The Brickster to the Info-Center so he can de-construct the island.

Vehicles: Sometimes, if you land on a building space, you might find a vehicle part inside the building, the Car and the Race-Car have two parts each, and the Heli-copter has three.

Heli-copter: Use this to catch the Brickster by blocking his path.

Car: Use this to move one extra space on your turn.

Race-Car: Use this to move two extra spaces on your turn.

Items: Pizza: Used to defeat Brickster-Bots, or to break The Brickster out of jail.

Coin: Used to buy Pizzas or Vehicle Parts for 3 coins each.

Power Brick: Used to deconstruct buildings.

Heli-copter part: Used to build the Heli-copter.

Car part: Used to Build the Car.

Race-Car part: Used to Build the Race-Car.

Lego Dice Tiles Move/Take 1 coin: Move up to 4 spaces/get a coin from the bank. Take 2 coins: Get 2 coins from the bank.

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